In the Shadow of Suribachi: Sammy’s Story | Produced and Directed by Joe Conforti

Joe was a classmate of mine at Emerson. Checkout his new documentary if you’re in the Boston area. In the Shadow of Suribachi: Sammy’s Story story synopsis by Joseph A. Conforti Samuel Bernstein… Continue reading

just waiting for a friend

I was searching through some of my old work and found an image taken with a Nikon D100 a 6mp gem introduced around 2002. We’ve come along way camera-wise since then but still not… Continue reading

Got to love that film! Part I | Fuji Velvia 50 scans

I hope you’re all well! I’ve been very busy lately. Time just rushes by… I’ve always been interested in film. I started my photography work using film, and looking back I’ve still probably… Continue reading


Provincetown, MA.

Driving along Duxbury’s coast, Duxbury MA.

Here are a couple of clips of the drive along the scenic Duxbury coast.  

The Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans MA

While I was walking around photographing Rock Harbor, I saw a tower in the distance. As a approached, I was amazed to see an Angel on top of the tower. I walked closer… Continue reading

A cloudy day at Rock Harbor, Orleans MA

Cape Cod is one of my favorites places and Orleans, one of my favorite towns on the cape. Here are a few shots of Rock Harbor I took with a Fuji XPro 1… Continue reading

Dock at the Bluefish River Reservoir, Duxbury, MA

Dock at the Bluefish River Reservoir, Duxbury, MA Shot on Kodak 100TMax film, processed and scanned digitally with minor cleanup

Boston Backyard Wildlife | Part 2

As I said, in Part I, something was eating my garden. ;-) I’m happy to share my land with my animal buddies but I can’t let them destroy my property. Well, now I… Continue reading